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So I am not sure what is going on with, so I will post this week’s article here.

So this week my ability to watch the Ultimate Fighter resulted in watching it without sound at times, and seeing the fight before the actual episode.

We got a chance to see Mir’s team doing some intense cardio work with snorkels (Wanderlei style) to make up for Junie’s lack of gas in his fight.

It is revealed that Bas Jr believes he has broken or fractured his wrist, but will continue to ice it and fight. He mentioned recently in a blog that it was hurt more than he let on, but he didn’t talk about it much because he didn’t want to be sent home. This is something that State Athletic Commisions are looking to start cracking down on because a serious injury could easily occur in the ring due to “manning up”. All the sport would need is a fighter to suffer a life threatening (or ending) injury because they lied in their physical.

Nog celebrated his birthday with his team, and as usual Team Mir regarded their team unity as fake and ridiculous.  Well you know what I think is fake and ridiculous Team Mir? Ridiculous fake graves. Will the pranks ever stop?

In the fight Vinny outclassed Jules rather quickly in the first round.

 Let me just say, Vinny going for a flying armbar was fantastic. I’m not a Vinny fan (don’t say you are better than Nog) But you simply don’t see enough of the “flying” attacks, except maybe a handful of flying knees. Perhaps if Patrick Cote had practiced his flying heel hooks he would have fared better against Anderson Silva.

The whole MMA community is arguing about Silva vs Cote. Many say Cote took Silva further in the Octagon and that is commendable alone. While others claim Silva toyed with Cote for two rounds, so it doesn’t mean anything. And the diehard Silva fans claim that the sheer force of his awesomeness caused Cote’s knee to explode. All I know is that I hope Silva has time for a rematch before (if) he retires at the end of this contract.

Sean Sherk silenced a lot of people calling him a lay and prey fighter in his fight with Tyson Griffin. Back when he fought in Pride, Bas talked about his underrated stand up. He throws crisp, fast punches and the only downfall is his T-rex-like reach.  This should maintain his spot in the company now that he doesn’t have a title. Hopefully they give him a rematch with Penn too soon, otherwise he will be stuck in a Rich Franklin situation, unable to win the title but able to beat all the upcoming contenders.

Junior Dos Santos…wow. Dos Santos helped make the case for Black House taking over as the premier MMA team in Brazil. I am excited to see who the UFC pairs him with next.

Thiago Alves won decisively in his bout with Koscheck, but I was more impressed by how many shots Kos was able to throw down the middle and land. It feels odd to say, but Josh Koscheck is becoming a fighter I really enjoy watching.

Finally, Joe Rogan’s tribute bead for the memory of Evan Tanner was a classy move. Tanner was incredible and I hope to have an article about him soon.

Well that is it for this week; tune in next week when I return to writing a full review and perhaps there will be cake. (There won’t be cake.)


Nothing has peaked my interest as of late, so here are some random thoughts.

 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is not boxing and boxing is not MMA. Anderson Silva needs to stop spending time thinking about Roy Jones JR. and simply look forward to his next opponent in the Octagon. He doesn’t like people talking about the Okami fight, well then fight him again and give them something else to talk about.

 The Fedor/UFC buzz has died down a bit. Last week there were talks of a one fight deal being offered and now silence. I personally don’t plan to get my hopes up too high.

I like Sean Sherk. I think the man is telling the truth about not taking steroids. People are quick to point out his physique, but the man trains like a freak, eats only for fuel and has been doing so for a while. That being said, I still think B.J. Penn will be too much for him. I still need to pick up one of those Aloha Brah shirts from Penn’s website.

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter should be great simply because Rampage is on it. By far the funniest man in MMA.

I have read online petitions for Joe Lauzon to change his nickname from J-Lau, to “Creepy” Joe Lauzon. I think that works.

Chuck vs Rashad…..Shoot, Sprawl, Counterpunch, KO. It’s not that I don’t think Rashad is a good fighter, but counterpunching with wrestlers is what Chuck does. Hopefully when Shogun heals up we get to see that fight. I think Werdum vs. Vera is going to be much better then the main event.

I wish we could get an update on Arlovski’s status.

That is all for now.

It is being reported by various sources that Fedor will be breaking ties with Monte Cox’s M-1. Dana White has already expressed an interest in beginning negotiations with Fedor again.

I hope that if negotiations begin again that both sides can understand that they have to give a little to get a little. Fedor’s management needs to put forth less demands such as his Red Devil teammates on Fedor fight cards, and more importantly, control over Fedor’s opponents. Dana White on the other hand needs to allow Fedor to compete in Russian Sambo tournaments, where his health is at little to no risk.

 If the UFC can sign Fedor then he can cement his legacy, not that it isn’t amazing already it just lacks exposure. Also this could lead to Couture back in the octagon.

 If you are unaware who I am talking about pop on over to youtube and search for Fedor Emelianenko.

So my online thoughts seem to be heading towards Mixed Martial Arts, so I have changed the title of my blog accordingly.


First up today is Saturday’s card for UFC 82 “Pride of a Champion” in which Dan Henderson will engage in the second Pride/UFC unification bout. I really like Hendo, and I would love to see him win this fight, but Anderson Silva is looking unstoppable right now. If Dan can get that devastating right hand to connect, then he could take it, but that would mean standing for an extended period of time with one of, if not the most precise striker in MMA. This could go the distance if Dan takes is to the ground, but if he decides to stand, I think we will see an eventual TKO and The Spider going home with the belt.


(That is unless Dan Henderson pulls a Ryo Chonan flying Scissor Heel hook. Look it up on youtube if you haven’t seen it)


Cheick Kongo vs. Heath Herring will simply be a fun fight to watch, composed of two giants who swing for the fences. I think Kongo will take it eventually.


Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami. As I stated in my last thought, I want Evan to take it, but my brain says Okami will. Evan’s biggest strength in this fight is his heart. Go watch his fight with David Terrel at UFC 51 for an example. (Yes, Terrel actually had a fight he didn’t have to pull out of due to injury. I’m not lying, go rent the DVD)


The rest of this card is stacked, especially the under card. I hope Arlovski shows up, sporting a crazy beard and a hairy back, and reestablishes himself as a Heavyweight force.


EliteXC is expected to announce a deal with CBS in regards to showing fights during prime time on various Saturday Nights. This is huge for MMA. People may think the UFC missed an opportunity here, but I can understand Dana White’s refusal to hand over control of his product. This exposure should help establish EliteXC and hopefully create a nice Pride style rivalry in the MMA community to keep things exciting. I’m not a fan of Kimbo headlining the first event though. I like Kimbo as a fighter, and he is dedicated to what he is doing, but his background is too big of a target for people writing negative MMA articles.


Finally, I have read that Wanderlei will be training with Randy at Xtreme Couture in Vegas to prepare for his fight with Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine. (I have it on good authority that Keith is actually still 3 credits shy of his PHD in Mean) I think we will see an explosive Silva, coming out with something to prove and a precise game plan, which to me is a scary thought.

It has been officially announced that the UFC event on April 19th in Montreal is sold out. 13,000 tickets sold within the first 24 hours of pre-sale to UFC Fight Club members. The rest of the tickets which went on sale today sold out almost immediately. The venue holds roughly 21,000 seats, which makes this sets the record for highest attendance of an MMA event in North America. Mixed Martial Arts events are currently not allowed in Ontario, which I find silly.

And some other random MMA thoughts:

  • Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia has been dropping hints that if the UFC doesn’t pay him more he will go to M1. I say let him go. He has always claimed that he could beat Fedor and I would like to watch Fedor show him otherwise. (It would also be nice for Fedor to have a legitimate opponent.)

  • Kimbo seems like he is taking his MMA career seriously, working with Bas Rutten among others. But he needs to avoid novelty fights like his upcoming bout with Tank Abbot if he wants to be seen as a legit athlete.

  • I can’t wait to see Evan Tanner return to the Octagon on March 1st. My brain tells me that Okami is just too tough a fight after Evan’s crazy time off, but I can’t help but pull for him.

  • Contract Status in question or not, Andrei Arlovski should never be in a preliminary bout.

So this is my first blog. I don’t enjoy the word blog, so I will refer to it as an online thought. That is also what I will be posting, online thoughts.

Online thought 1: No matter what you do, you will never be as creative a Jim Henson. It’s a little sad, but the man created the muppets and you didn’t.

 That is all for now.